EcoPatagonia is an associated website of Patagon Journal. A magazine about nature, environment, culture, travel and outdoor sports, the overall mission of Patagon Journal is to build a greater appreciation, understanding, and environmental protection of the world’s last wild places, Patagonia in particular. Through high quality writing, photography and video, Patagon Journal at once celebrates Patagonia and other wild places and stirs the public to promote their protection.

Patagon Journal was founded by Jimmy Langman, an American journalist who has written about Chile and South America as a foreign correspondent for Newsweek, several major newspapers in the U.S. and U.K., and other international media for more than a decade. At first launched as a blog and website, in September 2011 initial financing for the magazine was raised through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and subsequently in December 2011 the magazine’s inaugural print issue was published. Since then, Patagon Journal has quickly grown and established itself as the preeminent magazine in Chile and the Patagonia region on nature, the environment and the outdoors with extensive national and international distribution.

In November 2015, Patagon Journal received initial funding from the Earth Journalism Network, an environmental journalism association with more than 9,000 members in 120 countries, to launch the Climate Change in Patagonia project – a geojournalism initiative combining traditional reporting with digital mapping to present issues, events, and areas of importance in Chilean and Argentine Patagonia that illustrate the myriad effects of climate change on human communities. This website stems from that project, and it is our intention to continue pursuing other environmental topics through this platform.

EcoPatagonia exists as a non-profit arm of Patagon Journal to catalyze and expand new journalism and education initiatives in support of the magazine’s mission and environmental objectives.